Bird Bath Fountain Styles: Luring Birds With Variety


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Bird bath fountains, available in various styles, entice birds with their splashing sounds and recirculating water. These fountains attract a wide range of bird species and provide a larger space for more birds to enjoy.

However, there are considerations to keep in mind, such as the need for regular refills and the higher cost compared to simpler models. DIY options exist, including easy kits or adding a plastic bottle or bucket to an existing bird bath.

Prices range from $100 to $500 and higher. Proper care involves following installation instructions, cleaning regularly, and winterizing before freezing weather.

Tiered Basins With Symmetrically Spaced Spouts

Tiered basins with symmetrically spaced spouts are a popular bird bath fountain style. They provide an aesthetically pleasing design and attract a variety of bird species. These fountains are often chosen by bird enthusiasts who enjoy DIY projects and want to create a unique and functional bird bath.

When caring for a fountain of this style, it is important to follow proper maintenance guidelines. Regularly cleaning the fountain and ensuring that the water level is adequate are essential steps in keeping the fountain functioning properly. Additionally, protecting the fountain from freezing temperatures during winter months is crucial to prevent damage.

Bubbler With a Small Spray or Bubbler in the Center

A popular option for attracting birds to a water feature is the bubbler, which features a small spray or bubbler in the center. This style of bird bath fountain provides a continuous flow of water, mimicking the natural movement of a stream or river. The movement of the water has several benefits:

  • DIY bubbler ideas:
  • Use a small submersible pump to create a gentle spray or bubbling effect in the center of the bird bath.
  • Create a DIY bubbler by attaching a small water fountain nozzle to a PVC pipe, allowing the water to flow up and create a spray.

Benefits of moving water:

  • Moving water attracts a wider variety of bird species, as the sound and movement catch their attention.
  • The continuous flow of water helps to keep the bird bath cleaner, as the movement discourages the growth of algae and prevents mosquitoes from laying eggs.

Cascades of Rocks, Jars, or Pots in a Staircase Arrangement

Cascading rocks, jars, or pots arranged in a staircase formation create a visually appealing water feature in the bird bath. This DIY cascade arrangement not only adds beauty to the garden but also offers several benefits.

One of the main advantages is the recirculating water, which helps to keep the bird bath cleaner and deters insects from breeding. The continuous flow of water also creates a soothing sound that attracts more bird species. Additionally, the larger space provided by the cascading rocks allows for more birds to gather and bathe.

However, it is important to note that the moving water in these types of bird bath fountains evaporates quickly, requiring regular refills. Despite this drawback, the aesthetic appeal and the benefits of recirculating water make the cascade arrangement a popular choice among bird enthusiasts.

Spigots Spraying Towards the Center

Spigots spraying towards the center create a dynamic and visually intriguing water display in the bird bath. This style of bird bath fountain is designed to attract birds with its moving water. The benefits of having moving water in a bird bath are numerous.

Maintenance tips for a bird bath with spigots spraying towards the center include:

  • Regularly clean the fountain to prevent algae buildup
  • Check the water level daily and refill as needed
  • Winterize the fountain before freezing temperatures to avoid damage

The benefits of moving water in a bird bath include:

  • Attracts a greater variety of bird species
  • Discourages mosquitoes and other insects from breeding
  • Provides a source of fresh water for birds to drink and bathe in

Wall-Mounted Tiered Design Lacking a Pedestal

The wall-mounted tiered design without a pedestal offers a space-saving option for bird bath fountains. This design consists of multiple tiers of basins, symmetrically spaced, allowing birds to perch and bathe at different levels. It is a popular choice among bird enthusiasts due to its aesthetic appeal and functionality. The DIY options for this design are endless, providing an opportunity for individuals to get creative and customize their own wall-mounted tiered bird bath fountain.

Below is a table that showcases the different DIY options for the wall-mounted tiered design:

DIY Options for Wall-Mounted Tiered Design
– Use recycled materials such as old pots or pans as basins
– Incorporate decorative elements like shells or stones for added visual interest
– Install small water pumps to create a continuous flow of water
– Attach a solar panel to power the fountain
– Paint the tiers in vibrant colors to attract birds

With these DIY options, bird enthusiasts can create a unique and functional wall-mounted tiered bird bath fountain that will attract a variety of bird species to their yard.

Weeping Design With a Small Bubbler Flowing Over a Rock

An appealing option for bird bath fountains is the weeping design, featuring a small bubbler flowing over a rock. This DIY weeping design offers several benefits of moving water that can attract a variety of bird species.

Benefits of Moving Water in a Bird Bath Fountain:

  • Splashing sounds: The gentle flow of water creates soothing sounds that can attract more bird species to your yard.
  • Cleaner water: Recirculating water helps to keep the bird bath fountain cleaner and deters insects from breeding.
  • Increased capacity: The larger space provided by the weeping design can accommodate more birds and a greater variety of species.

Creating a DIY weeping design is simple. You can use a kit or purchase a fountain/bubbler kit for an existing bird bath. Another option is to hang a plastic bottle or bucket over the bird bath, adding a tiny hole for water to drip. Regular monitoring and refilling of the container is necessary to maintain the flow of water. Additionally, battery-operated gizmos can be used to agitate the water in the bird bath, attracting more birds.

Overall, the weeping design with a small bubbler flowing over a rock is an excellent choice for bird bath fountains. Its DIY nature and the benefits of moving water make it a desirable option for bird enthusiasts looking to attract a variety of species to their yard.

Pros and Cons of Bird Bath Fountains

One advantage of bird bath fountains is that they create soothing sounds with moving water. These fountains come in various styles, such as tiered basins with symmetrically spaced spouts, bubblers with small sprays or bubblers in the center, cascades of rocks, jars, or pots in a staircase arrangement, spigots spraying towards the center, wall-mounted tiered designs lacking a pedestal, and weeping designs with small bubblers flowing over rocks.

DIY bird bath fountains can be created by using easy kits or purchasing fountain/bubbler kits for existing bird baths. Caring for a fountain involves following installation instructions carefully, placing it away from bird feeders to prevent clogging, regularly skimming trash out of the fountain, checking the water level daily and adding more as needed, and winterizing the fountain before freezing weather.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Choose the Right Bird Bath Fountain for My Yard?

When choosing a bird bath fountain for your yard, factors to consider include the style, size, and maintenance requirements. To attract birds, place the fountain away from feeders, add movement to the water, and ensure a clean and filled water source.

What Are Some Creative Ways to DIY a Bird Bath Fountain?

DIY bird bath ideas for attracting birds with water features include using a kit or hanging a plastic container with a small hole for water to drip. Battery-operated gizmos can agitate the water.

Can Bird Bath Fountains Be Used During the Winter?

Bird bath fountains can be heated in winter using various methods, such as adding a heater or using a heated birdbath. Alternatively, to attract birds in winter, one can provide food, shelter, and water sources like heated bird baths or bird feeders.

Where Can I Find a Wide Variety of Bird Bath Fountains for Purchase?

Bird bath fountain retailers offer a wide variety of options for purchase. Online bird bath fountain stores have a greater selection to choose from. Customers should consider factors such as price, shipping costs, and warranty/guarantee offers.

How Do I Properly Care for and Maintain a Bird Bath Fountain?

To properly care for and maintain a bird bath fountain, clean it regularly to prevent algae growth. Skim trash out of the fountain, check water levels daily, and winterize it before freezing weather.

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